Should Islamic laws be enforced?


This has been an interesting poll; the results show a split between yes and no. This topic interests me and I would love to hear the opinions of those who said "Yes" and those who said "No"

For those who said yes, let me ask you these questions: Have you given it a thought of what life would be like if Islamic rules are enforced in your country? Examples: No more money loans from Banks as they are against Isalam (Riba), women are forced to wear 7ijab, thieves would get their hands chopped, adultery is punished by whips and some times stoning to death, cinemas might be gone, coed cafes are gone, etc etc… think Taliban ruled country / Saudia / or Iran. Would you be willing to live a life like that?

For those who said No, I give you these three aayaat directly extracted from the Quran:

( ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الظالمون)

( ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الفاسقون)

( ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الكافرون)

The words are simple… Allah is calling those who refuse Islamic rules: فاسقون, ظالمون, and كافرون. Are you aware of the consequences for this No? If you didn’t know about those aayaat, do you still think Islamic laws should not be enforced? If you are aware of them, or if you just read but still insist on not enforcing Islamic laws, what’s your rational? How do you go by not being what the aayaat are calling those who say No to Islamic laws?

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48 comments on “Should Islamic laws be enforced?
  1. True Faith says:

    KSA, Iran and Taliban are not a good example of countries ruled by Islamic laws.
    And yes I believe that Islamic laws should be enforced in Kuwait; why? Because Allah knows better.

  2. eshda3wa says:

    OPRESSION is NOT islamic rules, taliban saudi oo others like them are ruling like tyrants not like the rasool and those after him ruled. so they are not a good example
    i do believe law we had islamic laws, criminal rates will definitly drop cz the punishment is so severe, and loans from the bank, i would not be sad to see riba go, fee islamic loans, still banking, just different systems.
    In one course i took, i studied islamic law, in no way does it oppress women, or force anything on anybody, and coed cafes are NOT haram, min ayam elrasool people mixed and mingled
    on the other hand, in a country like kuwait, where wasta is the greatest ruler of all, it wont be fair, to have someones hand cut off or stoned to death because he’s not related to someone who can get him off the hook
    and i dont think people are capable of handeling islamic law, because like i said they rule like tyrants, they make the religion out to be a nightmare, when its supposed to bring you peace.. so no, not in our time, not with these people, eventhough i do believe its the best.

  3. if Islamic law was forced right (not the traditions), then ofcourse we are not going to see like the countries systems you mentioned.  Life would be great if: (1) no more loans as we know them these days, but maybe then there will be real Islamic bank systems. (2) Women forced to wear 7jab! That’s Great (3) Theives and adultery!! That’s exactly what societies need. of course there are restrictions and alot of procedures to go through before implementing these laws. (4) Cinemas: maybe then they will provide different types of movies, or even start their own movies. (5) cafes!! they will still be there but seperated for men and women I would vote for yes: Islamic Laws 

  4. Hasan.B says:

    To enforce islamic law "correctly" in a particular country, the country must have a healthy islamic envronment first! You can not just start chopping people`s hands!! The whole process, of implementing islaic law, must be viewd from each prospective. We have to put in consideration that different muslims have slightly different islamic rules. Also, many qestions arise which include; Do we trust the current religious poeple to give them such power? Will they not abuse such laws? This topic is such a big dilemma, and certainly just voting is not enough to assure people that it is the right thing to do.

  5. MK says:

    You know my opinion , Hoever which Mathhab you are going to enforce? and if you say one of them why did you exclude the other and it which base each group has it reason.
    Islam ask for unity and by this way you will devide the people instead geting them one.

  6. No No No No!

  7. Maze says:

    no comment …:)

  8. Hitman1 says:

    True Faith

    Unfortunately those three (saudia, taliban, and Iran) are the only modern countries to ever enforce islamic laws. Why do you think that saudia is a bad example in terms of implementing islamic laws? I also like what you said that we should do it just because "Allah knows better than anyone".


    You bring up an interesting opinion. You say that you are with Islamic laws, but against implementing it now because people are corrupted and are not ready!! But if we kept saying that, then islamic laws would never be implemented ever. Isn’t Islam is what is supposed to organize people and bring them back from their corrupted stage to the peace stage you seek? Maybe if we enforced the laws now, we would solve our problems automatically too?


    So what you’re saying is that you are indeed willing to accept Islamic laws along with the shift in life style that comes along with it? 


    At a given point of time, you just gonna have to trust whoever religious people are in that time. Yes there those whom are better than others, it would be the ruler duty to find them and ensure the right implementation of the new system. Here of course is room for rulers to twist the system by choosing religious people that can twist the laws for the ruler liking. But this has always been the case in the old and great Islamic nation. Khalifa’s surround themselves with good religious people. So we have to take our chance, or else it would never be done, would it?


    Which math’hab to follow is certainly no obstacle to enforce the laws. The Quran is a common factor in all mathahib and the main laws have no differences between matha’hib. Like no math’hab can tell you that Riba is 7alal… no math’hab can tell you that a thief should not have his hands chopped etc.

    Blue Ice Envy

    First of, welcome back 🙂
    second,  Aren’t you an atheist? if yes, It certainly wouldn’t surprise me one bit that you totally oppose any sort of religious enforcement in the legal system.


    I already know your opinion about this 🙂

  9. Hasan.B says:

     I totally disagree with you! Firstly, we can NOT trust the religious people just because we have to! they have to gain our trust! they should prove in their actions, and not just by talking,  that they are trustful! And at the moment i do not beleive that this is the case. Also about our ruler, do not get me wrong i believe our current ruler is fairly good, nevertheless he is surrounded by people that i personally, and beleive many would share this with me, would not want them having asay in choosing who should the people that would shape our islamic laws be.
     Secondly, Yes the qoran is a common factor, however the tafseer of it differs between diffrenet math`hab. You said in your reply to MK: " no math’hab can tell you that a thief should not have his hands chopped etc." Well i beg to differ, there are diffrences, and just to illustrate one of them; In the case of chopping the hand of a theif, in the shia math`hab the hand means the fingers to the wrist, while in the sunni math`hab it indicates the whole forearm. This is just a small example.
     Thirdly, you mentioned the khalifa`s. I also disagree in that piont. The first 5 khalifa`s did not surround themselves with religous people, because they were themselves religious and knew the islamic law in and out, and did not need to surroud themselves with religous figures as mentioned earlier. However after that there were no khalifa`s and it was what you can call a kingdom, and the islamic laws were not implemented "correctly"!
     Finally, the islamic laws or what are called the islamic laws nowadays have failed dramatically in the countries mentioned above, they failed in iran, suadi, and were absolutely catastrophic in afghanistan! I still stick with my earlier remark, that in no way we can enforce islamic law without first having a healthy islamic environment. Even the prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him and his family) did not enfocre the islamic laws straight ahead, the slow process of prohibitng the drinking of alcohol is a good example, he waited for the "healthy" islamic environment which we seriously lack now!

  10. MK says:

    The Quran is common for all , hoewever how you interpret this is the problem .
    As we say for every shiekh his own way .  🙂

  11. errrrrr X(Why Hitman? Why?  No I voted no. Because if
    you look at ALL the examples of societies that were governed by their
    religious clergy you will eventually notice a trail where the religious
    people are less interested in religion and more interested in power,
    money, and their own interest. We’re all HUMAN after all. Check out the
    grip the Church had on Europe for hundreds of years. Think of the
    ignorance. They executed Galileo because he said it was the Earth that
    rotated around the sun and not the other way around. The Taliban,
    anyone? Even Iran, which is much better off than sooo many Arab
    countries, still stifles people and oppresses them. No freedom of
    speech, they’re politicians are rich and their people are poor…
     Look religion is Divine. But humans are not. And we are bound
    to make HUUUGE mistakes and they will exploit power and use it to their
    advantage. If it does become religiously ruled check out the
    number of frauds and hypocrites who will use religion to get what they
    want, and watch the people suffer! Plus, religion is a PERSONAL
    thing, that’s why we in Islam don’t have PRIESTS. If you’re talking
    about il "7udood/7ad" that you want to enforce on criminals – do you
    know whats gonna happen? The real 7aramiya are gonna roam free and
    they’ll be implementing these 7udood on the honest and righteous.So no. I vote no.–> True dat @ MK’s comment – every one interpret things differently –  

  12. ReKoO says:

    I think it should be enforced in Kuwait; however, It shouldn’t be like Saudi Arabia or Taliban. I mean we should apply it with "3adl oo e3tdal". Example:Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow a woman to drive a car.Does islamic laws say that?Nice post! 😀

  13. True Faith says:

    KSA why? you say

    Because commercial banks are allowed; because traditions is a major source in courts; because every judge has his own way and religious views so your life would depend on the judge not the law (If the other side of the case has a long beard and short dishdasha you are for sure the guilty one); because people with other religions can’t practice their religion freely; because the royal family is treated like a God; and the most important reason is … it always feels dark over there 😛

  14. drama div@ says:

    Christian cobblers do not make Christian shoes; they make good shoes. (Martin Luther)
    Likewise, Islamic leaders do not craft Islamic laws, they craft just laws. An Islamic state is not one adorned with Islamic paraphernalia, rather one that is just.

  15. Elijah says:

    I don’t know what I believe in anymore. So I don’t know.

  16. Alia says:

    Islamic laws … inforced?
    واحنا ناقصين

  17. Maze says:

    why u’ve read my mind?? …:)

  18. Ms Loala says:

    I’ll vote yes.
    Why? Because:
    – The rate of theft has increased pretty heavy.
    – People commit adultery almost everyday, the number of abortion has increased, thus, both genders lost trust in the opposite sex and as a result, both parties are refusing to get married.
    – Appearances are getting to the extreme level.
    I disagree with you in some points however, there can be loans; islam permited people to borrow money and it’s okay for the person who lent it to have extra BUT, it should be a reasonable amount of money otherswise it would be "riba". Moreover, islam "deen yusur walaysa deen 3osur" meaning, it’s ok to have cinema theatres, why would it be 7ram? if it’s 7ram then you’re not allowed to watch movies at home either. So basically islam allowed you to have fun in your life as long as it adheres to the rules given by allah. And the same goes for cafes and etc.

  19. what happened to my comment? 🙁

  20. Hitman1 says:


    First let me start by complimenting you on a really intelligent comment with a healthy discussion. On the trust to the religious people, I understand your point of view that they should indeed gain our trust. I’m just saying that implementing Islamic laws cannot happen if there is no trust with the religious people. So before there is implementation, there has be trust. And like you said, the religious people must gain it from the people.

    My other point to MK is that if we want to implement islamic laws, we should not use the "Which math’hab to implement" as an excuse not to. This can be easily worked around. The Quran remain a common denominator. A thief hand should be chopped, the detail of where it should be chopped from, can be worked on. But first, we gotta accept the concept, then we work on the details.

    I beg to differ on your point that after the 5 khalifa’s, islamic laws were not implemented correctly. The Islamic nation has flourished remarkably during the age of the al-omaweyeen and al-3abaseyeen. Yes, the transfer of power was family based, and yes some of the rulers during those ages were not perfect. But they still ruled by Islam "most of the time" over centuries. History of the islamic nation after the 5 khalifa’s is filled with good rulers (e.g. 3omar bin 3abdul3aziz). It was during those days that the 4 emams of Sunnis came (Ahmad, abu hanifa, al-shafi3i, malik). The rulers during al-omwayeen and al3abaseyeen were not religious people, but they had religious people to guide them. Still, not all of them were good.

    I’m very interested to hear more from you regarding the last point you mentioned that "Islamic laws failed" in Saudia and Iran. Why do you think so? I mean how did you determine "failure"?

    Hasan.B, again, thanks for a very interesting comment. I always crave healthy debates 🙂

  21. Ghasheema says:

    I would say yes
    but we have to  inforce the real islam
    mo islam hal ayam….which means no cutting of the hands ela etha fi 4 shohood
    remember al7adeth eli 3an the lady that came to the prophet (PBUH) and told him she commented adultary….he turned his face away from her…she said it again on the other direction…and he turned to another direction…this went on til she herself said in 4 different places that she committed adultary…he asked her if she was pregnant..and she said yes…he said wait til u give birth….after she did…he said breastfeed the baby for two years…and after that she was stoned based upon her wishes….its a big burden to be the law maker or inforcer….and the "islamists" of today…with just point and shoot anyone who "thinks" about committing a crime
    and mixed communities where always present in the prophets time…it was the norm 7ata…as long as ur wearing ur hejab…go out and do whatever u want as long as ur not breaking allah’s rules
    the islamist of today wont let a woman drive…and the taliban didnt let her go to school for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think the best example of an islamic state now…is IRAN
    oops i didnt again I forgot to sign in
    wallah 3ala rasi….they went by the obviouse guidelines…and left teh details for the ppl….u find cinemas and cafe’s and anything u think about…as long as its not for alcohol or prostitution
    7ata al7ejab…just put a shawal on ur head…and they still accept that…they do their deed and the rest is ur life…u choose how religiouse u want to be
    so if there would be an islamic rule in kuwait…I would prefer the Iranian way 😀

  22. Hitman1 says:


    I agree with you my brother 🙂


    "Why Hitman? Why?" Because the topic is pretty interesting 🙂

    History is indeed filled with very bad implementation of religion on politics. However, you neglected to mention that History also contains a great example of where implementing religion went good. The great Islamic nation of then is a fine example that if done probably, enforcing Islam can be a good thing. However, I totally agree with you that if we enforced in the the way that only the weak will get punished with it then it is totally wrong and would get us doomed. Exactly like Prophet mohammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said:

     ÙØ¥Ù†Ù…ا هلك الناس قبلكم أنهم كانوا إذا سرق الشريف فيهم تركوه وإذا سرق الضعيف فيهم أقاموا عليه الحد


    Yeah I see your point there. If it will ever be enforced, lets not get too radical doing it.

    True Faith

    Oh my… that’s a scary life over there 🙂 Thanks for elaborating.

    drama div

    The question is that where would those leaders craft the laws from? Should they just take the laws from religion and enforce them directly?


    Do you believe in the creator?


    hehehe that brought a smile to my face 🙂


    Lets just say I pretty much can safely make that conclusion based on how you prefer to drink your Red Bull 😉

    Ms Loala

    I think I agree with you but only as long as the laws are enforced on everyone. Read what I wrote to cixousianpanic earlier about that. In addition, I also believe that life would be really hard if the islamic laws are implemented radically. So the you’ve put it was really nice and to the point. Implement it, but don’t over do it.

  23. Maze says:

    hahahaha…..u stillll remember…:P

  24. Hasan.B says:

     Your compliment is highly appreciated, and the same goes to you. Now in regards to our discussion, I still beleive that islam was not implemented "correctly" during al-omwayeen and al3abaseyeen, the killing of the only remaining grandson of the prophet, and Abdulla Alzubair In Makkah tells alot. The fact that the 4 emams of Sunnis  (Ahmad, abu hanifa, al-shafi3i, malik) were present at that time does not mean that the kings were good rulers, lets us not  forget that one of the so called khalifa`s "Alma`amon" tortured Ahmed Ben 7anbal and placed him in prison just because he did not accept the kings view on the qoran, which was a big topic back then. Anyway we do not need to talk about this subject anymore, as we both agreed that some of them were not perfect, or in my case very far from perfect.
     "In general, failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, it may be viewed as the opposite of sucess". I believe that this is the case in both iran and saudi. The main objective of implementing islamic laws is to improve the quality of life. In iran, what basically happened is that religous people gained tremendous power. And the normal public had no power at all. Islam encourages freedom of speech, while this is not applied in Iran which is supposed to be an example of a modern islamic country. I was also going to mention the economy status, but people may disagree at that point, as they would say that Iran is under sanctions. In regards to saudi, first of all islamic laws are not implemented completely, and i think that this is well known. In islamic law even the kingdoms are responsible for their actions, poeple are equal in the eyes of  law, while in saudi the king and princes have full power, even on the religous people. Actually in saudi there is no practice of islamic law, it is mostly about following tradition. And there is no freedom of speech what so ever! I beleive a small comparison between Kuwait, Saudi, and Iran will reveal alot.
    A small note to Ghasheema. I do not think that we need four shohoud to chop someones hand, we need 4 shouhod for people who commited adultary only. Neverheless, there are about 40 strong based evidence that must be brought farward in order to charge someone with stealing! This is the greatness of Islam. One more thing. Who said there is no prostitution in Iran!? Beleive me the easist thing in that country is to do just that! Kuwait is much better off.

  25. Aurous says:

    I said no, and my argument is:
    I slam is the perfect religion and life style, we know that. However, I think that we all know that Islam will never be applied as it is on everyone. There will ALWAYS be those who will apply it on everyone other than themselves, and these people oppose the rulings of Islam more than anyone else.
    I say that if it’s not going to applied correctly then it’s better to let people know there limits by educating them properly about Islam.
    Another point is there are two Islamic denomination in kuwait (shias and sunnis) and it would be unfair to apply Islamic laws due to the differences between them (zakat for example)

  26. Hitman1 says:


    How it gets implemented and to what extent should not be governed however by personal opinion. If we’re to implement it, then we should follow the right ruling and guidelines set to us by prophet mohammad (salla allah 3alaihey wasalam). The example you brought was a wonderful example, and it did set the guideline that you cannot stone a woman until she give birth and breast feed her offspring.


    You bet 🙂


    What you described about failure in Iran and Saudia was a pretty good education for me. If that’s what you refer to failure, then I fully agree with you.


    I agree with you too… if it is not going to be enforced on everyone, then it shouldn’t be applied. As for the different mathahib, I think we can work around that.

  27. kuw_son says:

    Ma adre bs 7assait fe egabtek for the people who answered yes, chennek tbayyen el a7kam as if it is qaseya !! Islam should be manhaj 7ayat .. not taking a part and letting other pats .. wella ma9ar deen shamel !! who told you our country will be like KSA or Taliban if Islam ruled !!?I called it ta5allof if cinames were closed or cafes !!! Islam should be teached in schools as if it is manhaj 7ayat .. not separating the religion from the real life !! libraries and mega stores shouldn’t be closed !! kel wa7ed free to do what he wants bs bshar6 ma yt3adda 7dood el eslam .. elbnat yboon yet7ajjbon hatha shay raje3 lehom ,, mako shay esmah enforce them to wera Hijab !! wain qa3deen !! my responsibility to tell them the truth about hijab and the benifit of wearing it. Tell them that it is seter 7aqhom only and rabbech ra7 yer’9a 3annech .. if they listen and convinced so far so good, but if they reject it ana shako !! ana 3lay enne aballe’3 Ø§Ù„له تبارك وتعالى خاطب نبيه الكريم صلى الله عليه وسلم:Ùˆ ما أكثر الناس ولو حرصت بمؤمنين ! Ùˆ يقول الله تعالى أيضا: Ø¥Ù†Ùƒ لا تهدي من أحببت ولكن الله يهدي إليه من يشاء ÙˆÙŠÙ‚ول الله تعالى أيض مخاطبا نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم:: Ø¥Ù† عليك إلا البلاغand about chopping the hand .. wallaa law 6abbaqooha 3la kel mn baaq .. chan el deera b5air .. think about it. and what about bank loans !! it is all about Riba ..  look at the huge installments that taken from who loned a mony from a traditional bank !! metnattef 3la el a5er .. w yred el dain doubled !!! mo 7aram !! 

  28. Deema says:

    🙂 very interesting result huh, 50:50 it makes you laugh , stop and wonder for half an hour,,, then laugh out of the blue!
    hmmm.. 50:50

  29. yes…but our societies are not capable of such change

  30. Deema says:

    i think kuwait is the most city that can adapt change in every sense ! the only thing that happened in kuwait history is change!….the problem about all these delimmas is that every aspect of life is very interrelated. jilles delleuze, a french philosopher stated that space (peresent) history (time) and future (X) are all interwoven to create our life so what is that ? it is simply the relationship between buisness, education, politics, racism and the difference factor.. so you can understand from that the very matter of our being ! every thing is related …. what is the difference between our ruling method and the one stated before ??? and if we got back to history you find every islamic ruler has his own way based on the situation, isn’t that a message for us to act with our mind!
    allah in his book told us to use our mind ! and i think all the examples allah stated are starting points for us to continue the topography of knowledge .. and this is the same reason why the examples or these starting points are very deep it to carry the load of knowledge all the way.. it is a referance but not a horizontal for it not to be written over but it is vertical as knowledge doesn’t have a biginning or an end, so qur2an is vertically related to make the change always possible for any reached point.
     when you put two papers beside each other you always reconsider… that is the problem here in kuwait they are not eager to be ever changing. we only want to SET as in FIXED i am ok with any way of judgment, but i want to be hyper active. 

  31. Reefi says:

    without doubt,yes Islamic Laws should be enforced everywhere not just in Kuwait.and ReKoO wut do mean by “It shouldn’t be like Saudi Arabia or Taliban”
    u mean that there’s no 3dl w e3tedal,anyway we don’t talk about the quality of any country are we? Off course there are some “commentators” who just spreading hate and anger, but isn’t it a kind of democracy?

  32. just a girl says:

    i will sae yeas it should

  33. just a girl says:

    i will say yeas it should

  34. Rajaa says:

    yeas Islamic Laws should be enforced

  35. abdurrahim says:

    yes islamic laws should be enforced in the islamic countries for sure!!..why are we muslims then ?..

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