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End of democracy?

So.. the prime minister makes mistakes… the people representatives question him…. Somebody explain to me what is wrong with this? Why is this bad for the country? Isn’t this why there are parliaments in the whole world? Examine the questions

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Democracy in the Islamic World

  I read recently that Kuwait’s Parliament issued some kind of a law to ban the presence of the two female ministers in the parliament because both ladies do not comply with the parliament’s rules of Islamic dress code (specifically

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Is our country becoming unlivable?

Alright… I’m officially sick of it…. I can’t stand it anymore.. it’s in my eyes, in my mouth, in my lungs, inside my ear, on my desk, on my car, it’s everywhere! SAND!! Sand is everywhere… what happened to our

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The Kuwaiti version of “Women Rights”

The Kuwaiti culture is so contradicting it amazes me. Things that happen here could never be seen outside. I think sometimes we suffer from an identity crisis! Take for example the women rights movement here…. Kuwaiti women fiercely fought to

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مو مهم

مو مهم ان الكهرباء تنقطع علينا كل صيف… المهم ان نلغي قانون منع الاختلاط!! مو مهم ان الاسعار ارتفعت نار… المهم ان نلغي قانون منع الاختلاط!!  كلش مو مهم ان سعر قسيمة سكنية صار ب 200 الف دينار… المهم ان

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