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Natural??? Now unless there is a Twix TREE some where I didn’t know about, this ad is either very stupid, or think people are very stupid 

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The problem with Android

When a new iOS is released, you can instantly update any of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), but in the Android world, the different phone manufacturers have almost all installed their own customised version of Android. So when google

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ماذا يضرك لو كنت من غير مذهبك أو دينك؟

دعونا ندرس الموضوع من خلال تحليل الموقف البسيط التالي… لنفرض أنك تتبع مذهب (أ) وشخص آخر امامك يتبع مذهب (ب) .. اجب عن الاسئلة التالية: 1. هل سيعاقبك الله أو يعاقب أي أحد من افراد عائلتك بسبب انتماء هذا الشخص

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My Baby

I’ve had this baby since 2005 and I still can’t have enough of it

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My New Theme

I really like the looks for this theme… blue has always been my favorite color. However, customizing it has proven to be a challenge.

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